Kinétika is an audiovisual production company located in Almeria (South of Spain), a province with diverse and spectacular landscapes which are the locations choosen by many European and North American cinema and comercial productions.

Desert, high mountains, unspoiled beaches, castles… a world of possibilities to combine locations a few miles away between them which are connected by a good road infrastructure, also well communicated with the main places in Andalusia and Eastern Spain. Almería has an airport having regular flight traffic with several european cities.

If we want to show why Almería locations are perfect to film, it’s mandatory to talk about the light. We are located at the place with more sunlight hours and less rain of all Europe.

This conditions explain that we have here the Astronomical Observatory of “Calar Alto”, located under this clear sky, unique for astronomical observation.

Almeria’s sunlight brings to their landscapes a special character, beautiful colours and many other attributes loved by the directors of photography.

A production crew needs a hosting place. Almeria has a wide and varied hotel offer which in recent years has been reinforced by the construction of hotels for the Mediterranean Games that were held in Almería in 2005.

At Kinétika, we offer location services, film permissions management, equipament rentals, casting service, technical stuff… All that you need to make your project success and adapted to your budget.

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