The number of online video views grows every day. We can find almost every kind of content we want – we just need to type the right words in YouTube search box. That way we access content tailored for us, from any device, at any moment and from almost every place on earth.

Companies are aware of that behaviour of potentials customer.  Online video is a wonderful way for delivering branding and advertising to the target viewers. Every company can see that there is no better way of reaching a big numbers of potential customers. The investment is almost complete on audiovisual content – there are no copies, no distribution and the platform is free. The saving is massive and that resources can be used in creating more attractive video. That means more useful video.

Some YouTube statistics:

  • Over a billion monthly users.
  • About six billions hours of video time viewed by users monthly. Aproximately and hour per person in the world.
  •  Ever minute a hundred hours of video are uploaded.
  •  Millions of suscriptions every day. The number of subscriptors tripled last year and the number of subscriptions is four time last year’s.
  • YouTube can be watched in lots of devices: laptops, smartphones, video game consoles, TV…

Astonidhing, isn’t it? Those numbers are growing exponientially. Nowadays audiovisual media is the best way of communication without a trace a doubt and they will become more indispensable in the future.

In Kinétika we are aware of the significance of video for business. It is a communication tool on its own and we give advice to our clients about what kind of content and which formats they need. It is very important to taylor it for a specific distribution channel and viewers. An example of recommended product for its low cost and good result is the creation of content for a channel in an online video distribution platform. They usually are short videos that catch the attention of spectators and published in a regular schedule can build loyalty in your potential customers. An example of this is our own YouTube channel.