Kinétika Production of Multimedia Content

15 years as
professionals of
multimedia production

Professionals of multimedia production.

For over a decade we have dedicated ourselves to the design, creation and production of different multimedia products. Encompassing the entire creative process of any multimedia project that’s presented to us, our works reflect our passion for maintaining a constant evolution in our creative processes and our technical expertise.

Throughout these years we have tackled different multimedia projects, for which we develop distinct production materials, specific workflows and post-production techniques, all meant to give each product an identity and aesthetics of its own, conforming to the format it will take and to the particular needs of each client.

We are proud to having worked along with great multimedia companies across Spain, and to have the trust and support of important companies, both national and international, who can vouch for the quality and professionality of our work.

We know it’s the outcome of our projects which defines us, and that’s the reason why we have always understood that in order to achieve outcomes we can feel proud of, we need professional tools, while the experience and training of our personnel must be one of the keys to differentiate us among the other companies in the field.

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