Corporate videos

Improve your bussiness marketing using video. We have not only creativity but the power of a young company and our professional expertice. Kinétika also have modern techological resources to cover all the needs that actuals productions demands.

TV productions

We have a long career working in TV productions. Always working with broadcast stardart formats and workflows to ensure meet the whole broadcasting industry needs.

Live video

Increase your event audience. We offer multi camera productions services to recording the production signal, provide signal to screens or to live stream to the web.

Special video productions

Sometimes there are video productions that demands special equipament and knowedge… Medical videos, adapted contents for people with disabilities, internal corporate communication…

Location services

Desert, mountains, incredible beaches, castles… A world of posibilities at short distances. Andalusia and Spain have an extensive road network, railways, international airports and harbours, that make it possible to travel between locations in a short time.

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More sevices

Format conversions, audio production… We can help you, just ask.