Technical quality and creativity at the service of your company
Advertising, internal communication

Internet communication, events, internal messaging, product showcasing… the possibilities for corporate videos are huge in terms of use and audience potential. Furthermore, it’s the format that more and more people prefer when accessing information of their interest.

For companies in particular it’s an essential tool for showcasing what makes them unique. Our team counts with experts specialising in company branding and image who know how to highlight the company’s strengths in comparison with their competition.

We employ professional technical equipment of the highest quality in the areas of shooting equipment, lightning and sound.

We design our projects together with our clients, considering the current aesthetical and narrative trends and integrating infographics, colour grading, visual effects… an endless array of possibilities meant to add value to our products.

Above all, we are conscious that the quality of the projects we develop for our clients is what defines Kinétika, and that’s why we strive to improve upon ourselves in each project.

Productora Audiovisual de Almeria