Services oriented to the production of content that
follows broadcasting standards

One of our main business areas concern the production of content for television. We employ professional ENG shooting equipment:

  • High definition cameras with standardised formats for the broadcast industry.
  • All kinds of production accessories.
  • Lightning equipment.
  • Sound equipment.

We also offer our services for live broadcasting of sport events and any kind of TV show.

Regarding editing and postproduction, we have established workstations tuned for an agile workflow with solid security systems for the management of materials, such as redundant storage systems.

We also count with sound postproduction equipment, graphic design software and the possibility to arrange for big data transfers through the use of a dedicated FTP server, complementing the services we offer to our clients.

Our experience in the production of varied content stands as our guarantee, from the employment of ENG equipment to the development of TV shows and the integral design of a format.

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