Streaming, 100% online.

It’s perfectly possible to organise an event without a physical venue. When circumstances demand it, each participant can easily join in from their location.

The event is produced by combining the feed of each participan on screen, with a multitude of possibilities in the matter of Image and video integration as well as in branding elements.

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Mixed Streaming, in person and online

All the possibilities for a streaming, combining physical presence and connections with remote participants.

Platforms management

We deal with the management of steaming platforms. With reliability and experience, we assume the responsibility that demands the management of multimedia content and the user experience.


Platform Administration
coordination of technical resources

We have the know-how to integrate and coordinate the different technical resources involved in an event.

Remote connections with camera operators, informatic systems, sound systems… An event many times requires working with technical and human resources of different origin in order to achieve the desired outcome, and we deal with their integration and coordination to make the event a success.

Consulting and training , for organisers

At times, the complexity of a project requires a mixed intervention, adding to our efforts that of the organisers, in order to successfully manage the platforms or its development. At Kinétika we ease this process by carrying out training sessions for the organisers, from the elaboration of manuals and guides to customised technical assistance.


advice and training for organizers
consultoria tecnica
Technical, consulting

Organising an online event can be a very complex matter, subject to varying factors. At Kinétika we offer a service of technical consulting for online events based in our ample experience with such projects. From the initial conceptualization of an event, to its development and execution, we provide with ideas and solutions that are technically viable and adapted to the particular needs of each case.

Implementation of technical solutions adapted to you

Each live event is unique, and at times the needs of the organiser can’t be converted with regular technical systems. We are able to deploy an additional streaming chanel with simultaneous translation to another language, a live chroma key, on screen integration with a sign language interpreter

Tell us about the special needs of your project. We have the capacity to bring forward customised solutions based on our experience and on the research and implementation of personalised productions techniques.

Implementation of custom technical developments

Advantages of getting in contact with us

Technical Procedures
Production Costs
Worldwide Production
Ample experience in streaming services

We work with all kinds of organisations, both local and global.

We carry out both smaller projects as well as projects of great complexity and entity. We are able to escalate and manage our resources as your project grows.

Technical Procedures
Implementation of standardised technical processes

Application of our knowledge, experience and methodologies in the production of television content, adapted to the new communication channels

Integration of professional technical equipment with broadcasting standards.

We customised the live streaming for every client.

We personalise the signal integrating the client’s branding.

Live visual aids and graphics.

Design of multi-screen compositions, with live integration of different video sources.

Production Costs
Very competitive production costs

We work every day to improve our technical processes and systems, making our production costs very competitive.

Trabajamos día a día para mejorar nuestros procesos y sistemas técnicos, por eso nuestros costes de producción son muy competitivos.

Worldwide Production
Worldwide productions in different languages

100% online productions for clients from any country or geographical location

Integration of participants from different countries and locations into a single event.

Implementation of live translation and subtitling systems.

Constant innovation and development

We are constantly experimenting with the latest technologies, adapting them to the different kinds of live productions, from IP based video to technical data analysis, transmission and system integration

Once we have tested the new technologies, we integrate them into our work flows.

We work through such innovation processes in order to improve our competitiveness, production costs and system security and stability, to develop new skills and to enhance the experience of the participants.

A step-by-step example

How does an online event work?


My company wants to organise an online event for our clients


The manager of the company and a employee will participate in the event from their offices.


The event will also feature two employees participating from the international offices of their respective countries.


Before the day of the event, a technical test is scheduled. In it, every participant and technical staff at Kinétika connects into a meeting using a videoconference platform, such as Microsoft Teams1 or Skype1.


Kinétika performs every necessary test looking for potential technical problems, and finds a solution in case some arise.


Kinétika extracts the video sources of each participant and arranges them in a composition that integrates the company’s branding.


The participants receive a live reference signal of the feed the audience is watching. For us it’s as simple as establishing another videoconference.


During the event there will be times in which there are two people on screen, and others in which all participants will join in a debate, and yet others in which only one person will be speaking with a presentation on the backgrounds, or perhaps others in which there will be only a video playing on full screen.


The day of the event arrives. We connect into the videoconference some minutes before the event starts and check that everything is ok from a technical point of view.


The event starts on time.


For this occasion, we decided the video will be live streamed simultaneously via Youtube1 and Facebook1.


During the event the audience puts forward some questions in the Youtube chat, and we answer them live.


The event finishes and everything was a success.


Kinétika provides us with audience data and we are sent a copy of the recorded video for the company to download and store it.


The experience as very valuable, having been a great opportunity to interact with our clients and improve our image. An international event has been produced in record time, with low costs and high visual appeal.