Efficiency in managing your permits and administrative processes

Almeria is a province with a diverse and breathtaking landscape, making it a unique place to shoot for films and advertising, as many North American and European productions have done.

Deserts, high mountain, virginal beaches, castles… the possibilities are endless when such locations are merely a few kilometres from each other and easily reachable thanks to a solid infrastructure connecting Almería with the rest of Andalusia and Eastern Spain

Weather and natural light both make Almería into an ideal palace for shooting, enjoying more hours of sunlight and less precipitation than anywhere else in Europe.

The natural light in this province is not only abundant, but also imprints in its landscapes something special, with unique colouring, that will delight every director of photography.

We know every corner of the province, and that’s why we are able to manage all you need to make your shooting develop in the best possible way. We can find the locations that better adapt to your needs, and also manage the shooting permits and renting of equipment and casting for acting and technical personnel. We even manage hotel reservations and plane tickets at the international airport of Almeria, with daily connections with different European capitals. And everything at very competitive prices.

Special projects require special multimedia solutions. Some times, either due to the project itself, the locations where it takes place or the search for new limits in the production, demand the use of customised strategies and equipment in order to carry it out.

It’s essential to have an experienced team of professionals that take on each project as it it were their own, regardless of its difficulty or complexity. With specific technical training in the use of professional equipment, and the capacity to guarantee specific solutions to any issue that may arise, even in situations that are not frequent during a multimedia production.

Aerial shootings, medical productions, shootings with animals or under water… these are only some of the challenges we have faced. Do you have a new challenge for us