Audiovisual production

Kinétika is a video, audio and multimedia production company. We have been joining creativity and technology for more than a decade, showing our passion in the audiovisual media we create for our clients.


Our projects define what we are, so we must feel proud of them. We must use the best professional equipment to achieve that. The knowledge and experience in our team must be excellent for shining in our business.


We approach a wide range of projects, so we need lots of differents tools. Every product needs its own production technics, specific workflow and postproduction proccess, so every product can be a individual entity. A product fitting perfectly its final format and the client needs.

Some of the biggest players in the Spanish audiovisual inustry can speak for us. Their opinions about of our quality and skill are make us proud.


Along the way we have created others multimedia projects, for example www.lacañ and, news platform for the city we are based on. We join written information and video for creating an appealing and useful platform.


The fruits of our labour are our projects, they are our best presentation. We would love that you visit our portfolio.